How do they work?

The Essential Bracelet allows you to diffuse your essential oils on the Go for up to 7 days!

Each bracelet comes with 5 all natural clay tablets with 5 crushed gemstones mixed inside for added energy.

Simply add 1-3 drops of your oils on the clay tablet, allow it to absorb and then place it inside the specially designed pocket in the back of the bracelet. Small holes on the top of the bracelet allow you to enjoy the subtle and beneficial scent of your single or blended oils.
Tablets are fully reusable and water resistant. Bracelets come in 3 sizes for kids and adults, we also have pet diffusers and necklaces available shortly.
For more information check out our “How do they Work” Video

Also be sure to check out our gemstone section to see what gemstones are inside and learn about their positive attributes.

To use:

Remove from the packaging and wash your Essential Bracelet with warm water and soap. Allow time to dry so that there is no water left inside the pocket.

Remove the clay tablet from the packaging and place on a piece of napkin or towel.

Choose an essential oil, Place 1-2 drops, depending on how much your bottle dispenses directly onto the clay tablet.

Allow 30-60 seconds for the oil to absorb into the clay tablet.

Place the clay tablet inside the specially designed pocket on the back of the bracelet, making sure it is secure in the flaps.

Now enjoy the diffusing scents of your oils right on your wrist.

The continuous heat from your body allows an ongoing, subtle smell for up to a week. When you want to add more or change your tablet. Simply remove it from the pocket and reapply oils as needed. I find blending some scents makes for a great diffusing scent. Tablets are fully reusable.

Keep tablets out of reach of small children, as they could be a choking hazard.

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